FREE Online Courses

Welcome to the WEA Eastern’s Online taster courses.

There are currently five to choose from, and the length of time each one will take to complete will depend on each course and how much work you want to put in. In order to help your explore the content and topics in a structured way there are photos, texts, videos to support your learning. In order to get your feedback easily regarding the courses, we have set them up using a blog format so you can post questions, comments, views and thoughts with us and others. There will also be tutors monitoring the blogs and offering support and guidance should you need it. will also monitor the blogs and offer you support if you need it.

We are running a pilot scheme in online learning, and these taster courses are part of that process, so please tell us about your experiences of this style of learning as they will be great appreciated.

To begin, choose one of the Courses from the above drop down Taster Course Menu. The activities and information for that course will then appear on the screen. Work your way through, at your pace and then you have the opportunity to post comments underneath. You may well find it useful to have a notepad and pen to hand to make notes as you go. If you have any problems or want to find out more, please email Adam on


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